Eco-adventure Tours

Desert Trekking

To visit sand dunes, beautiful sunrise and sunset in the desert, walk on polygons, camel riding, camping under the blazing sky and getting familiar with the life style, culture and architecture of these regions are among the many activities to make a wonderful and memorable experience.
Benefiting from experienced tour guides and excellent camping facilities, we can provide you with a wide range of trekking itineraries to visit the fantastic deserts of Iran, "Kavir-e-Lut" and "Kavir-e-Markazi", appropriate to all seasons of the year. These programs can either be full desert trekking or a part of any eco cultural itinerary.

Wild Life & Bird-watching

Having close relation with experts in all fields including wild life and who are cooperating with us as consultants and guides, we lead you to fantastic trips to get to know rare animals such as Asian Cheetah, Persian Wild Ass, Persian Fallow deer, Asiatic Black Bear and three species of genus Gazelle, as well as bird specious like Siberian Crane, Plesk's Ground jay, Houbara Bustard, Falcons, Imperial Eagle, Dalmatian Pelican  and …  in untouched and wild regions of Iran as a discrete program or a part of any eco adventure trip.


Trekking & Hiking

If you are looking for recreation and enjoying all the beauties of the nature, you can join us for trekking tours to either of geographically distinct regions of Iran. There are untouched trekking routes passing by amazing landscapes including rivers, waterfalls, lakes, villages and many other natural and cultural attractions. You will have the chance to enjoy the silence of the nature, breath fresh air and listen to singing birds.


Mountaineering & Skiing

The beautiful Alborz mountain range in the north, contains a collection of the highest mounts in Iran. "Damavand", the roof of Iran with a 5671-meter altitude, is a volcanic cone. "Alamkuh", 4850m and with forested slopes, has 850 meters of fine parapet excellent for rock-climbing. There are also many other peaks of over 4000 meters high.
There are mountaineering facilities to most of these peaks, and also perfect climbers with wonderful capabilities for many mountain sports.


There is a wide variety from lowlands to high mountains, from deep forests to bare sandy deserts for adventurous people and cycling lovers.You can experience distinctive cycling tour in by traveling to Iran, no matter you are a professional or an armature.


Other Adventure Activities

There are a variety of eco attractions in Iran including deserts, forests, lakes, mountains, rivers etc which best suit any adventure activity such as rafting, horse-riding, caving, camping, diving, … to fit your interest and taste.



to climb Damavand, the roof of Iran, 5671m, Alamkooh 4850m, forested slopes

with fine parapet for rock climbing… more

Desert Trekking

to visit sand dunes, beautiful sunrise and sunset in the desert, camping

under the blazing sky, camel riding... more

Wild Life

to discover the habitats of Asian Cheetah, Persian Wild Ass, Persian Fallow deer, Plesk's Ground jay, Houbara Bustard, Siberian Crane… more

Persian Gulf

wonderful coral reefs, wind erosions, Mangrove, forest, mud volcano, geological erosions, warm people… more

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